Exercises to Boost Your Brain Memory

u7ujbuighijgko34A good brain memory is essential for optimum functioning. You can improve your memory quite easily. It doesn’t require any medication or any other kind of activity that is bad for your health. There are several strategies you can use to improve your memory if you are already experiencing memory loss.

Number and word games

Make good use of the number and crossword puzzles in your daily newspaper. This is a good way to wake your brain up in the morning – solve crossword puzzles while having your breakfast. Aside from crossword puzzles, which help improve one’s vocabulary, indulge in solving the math puzzles such as Sudoku.

Neurobic exercises

Neurobic exercises involve doing tasks that will engage more than one of your senses. For instance, you can pen a jar of brush your teeth using the less dominant head (so if you’re right-handed, use your left hand). You can also go to work by walking or driving through a different route. You can also attempt to eat your food while your eyes are closed. This will make your brain wake up because you are doing things that are totally out of routine; you will avoid making tasks that already seem automatic to you.

Mnemonic devices

Mnemonic devices involve associating a person, thing, or event with a particular work or imagery. This is a very powerful tool in enhancing one’s memory. For instance, you can make getting the first letters of a word group so you can make a word that you can pronounce and therefore making it easy for you to remember. You can also use alliterations; in which you begin a sentence or a phrase by using the same consonant.

Learning how to play a musical instrument

This requires excellent understanding, which helps in enhancing the memory and exercising the brain. This is true especially if you have learned how to read notes to play the instrument more effectively. The piano and guitar will teach you how to memorize the different chords and notes involved, while the drums will help you develop mental and physical dexterity.

Practice your skills daily to develop a clear picture. If you’re not able to create a clear mental image, then you can opt to use descriptive language. The more detailed your description is, the better. You can also try to combine techniques to reach the desired goals. No one technique will hold the key to what you need. It’s important to have a well-rounded regimen to keep your exercises to boost brain memory.