Top Beauty Pointers for the Winter

While the scorching sun of summer can burn your skin, the cold and dry air of winter can also make your skin undesirable. It’s true; your skin can become itchy, red, and scaly. Because you do not naturally perspire during winter, your outer skin will look dry and flaky. Dry skin is more prone to irritation, so it will become itchy and red if you constantly rub it with your gloves.

Keeping your skin moisturized must be your primary goal for your skin during the winter. You will surely regret it if you don’t. Dry skin can lead to the cracking of your skin, which can give you excruciating pain once it is exposed to soap or water.

Here are some practical methods on how to care and nourish your skin during the cold days of winter so you can still feel beautiful and hot despite the cold.

Avoid Exposure to Heat

blowerWhile it may feel good to stay close to the bonfire or stay longer in the bathtub. Well, they are not really good for your skin. They will help dry your skin. Regulate the heat coming from your thermostat. Always place the level of the heat to a comfortable level.

And while in the shower, these may be the time of the year that you need not scrub your skin. Your skin is particularly sensitive during cold seasons, so scrubbing should be discouraged because it can cause further irritation.

Hydrate Your Skin with Moisturizers

It is better to always look for moisturizers that have sunscreen formula. Never let a day pass by without applying creams on your face and body. Moisturizing your body, face, and extremities should always follow after a bath or washing. This will replenish the lost natural oil after washing with soap or cleansing using toners.

Humidify Your Room

A humidifier can help you retain the moisture of your skin by helping maintain the humidity of the air in the room. You can also choose to use some essential oil that is good for your skin.

Use Comfortable Clothes

modelYou should be wearing comfortable clothes that will beat the cold and will not let your skin get irritated. Look for clothes that are warm but breathable.

Stay hydrated. Eat fruits and vegetables that have large water content. Drink juice and other health drinks. While we may not lose fluid through perspiration, it is noticed that we also urinate more often during winter than on hotter days.…

honey for bee

The Relevance of Honey in Beauty Regimens

Honey, at its purest form, can give you many health benefits that you may not expect at all from one of the sweetest liquid nature has to offer. When it does not go through pasteurization and other processes that may contaminate it with other chemicals, raw honey from bees can be a power food that can treat some conditions because of its many medicinal and health properties.

But aside from the health benefits, honey is also gaining popularity as a beauty enhancer. Here are some ways how honey can enhance our overall appearance to help us achieve self-confidence with our beautiful skin and a body free of fats.

womanAnti-Aging Properties

With its anti-oxidants contents, this natural compound we get from bees can help delay the aging process by preventing cell damage by fighting off free radicals, which is also one of the many causes of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Honey is also a sleep enhancer, energy booster, and is known to fight against some types of allergies.

Promotes Skin Rejuvenation

Honey has been used to treat wounds because it is good for skin regeneration. This is because it contains hydrogen peroxide, which is antiseptic. That makes honey a potent substance against bacteria and fungus. Honey is also being used prominently in beauty products because of its skin rejuvenation attributes.

Enhances a Sexy Body

Better replace your table sugar with honey. Research studies show that honey provides obesity protective mechanisms to our bodies by lowering serum triglycerides, which make us fat. It has also properties that lower our cravings for food. The apparent advantage of honey over other weight loss programs is that you don’t have to be deficient in important vitamins and minerals before losing weight.

Fights Skin Imperfections

womanAllergies can really be very bad for our skin and can be the cause of some skin imperfections.  Bee pollens are pure substances that can prevent infections, fight allergies, and boost immunity against infections and allergies. By taking in pollen from bees, you become more immune to natural pollen from flowers because the bee pollen is actually the pollen from the flowers of plants.

Known as the “perfect running fuel,” honey is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other substances that keep our bodies fit while giving us the natural vitality and agility. Glycogen, a basic component of honey, is known to provide the extra kick to keep us going after a long exercise workout. That extra kick can be the x-factor that we need to be more desirable than the others.…