Author: Mary Culbertson


Looking beautiful with the at-home ‘healthy’ beauty remedies

We all want to look beautiful. However, sometimes the cost of the beauty products sometimes is very expensive. Besides some of these products end up costing our skins with the serious side effects from the chemical components in some of the products. This makes one wonder what they will do if they want to remain beautiful without the serious side effects. To help you with this, there are some ingredients in your home which you can use to achieve that picture-perfect look. The following are at-home healthy’ beauty remedies.

Facial Scrub

2If one needs to get a facial scrub then almonds come in handy. One gets the paste by grinding a handful of the almonds. The ground almonds are then mixed with coconut oil. The paste is then massaged gently on the face then splashed with warm water for a smooth skin.

Hydrating mask

This mask can be made from using olive oil and avocados. Olive oil is applied on the face when one is still mashing up some avocados. The mashed avocadoes are then mixed with few drops of pomegranate juice. The paste is then applied on the face with the olive oil still on it. One then uses white tea bags that are wet and relax for around fifteen minutes. The mask is then removed with a wet face cloth for one to get a moisturized glow.

Body scrub

A body scrub can be made from a mixture of lemon, salt, and sugar. The mixture is prepared by mixing a cup of brown sugar with half a cup of sea salt, then two tablespoons of lemon juice and the same amount of coconut oil. This mixture is applied on damp skin by scrubbing it in circular motions then rinsed with warm water. The lemon is very helpful since it will work as a natural disinfectant while the scrub will open and cleanse the clogged pores.

Hair mask

You will need a tablespoon of olive oil and three eggs. The beaten eggs are mixed with the olive oil. The mask is then applied from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair then wrapped in a towel for at least thirty minutes. The mask is then washed off with the regular shampoo giving one an instant shine. This works great for dry hair especially if one loves swimming in the chlorinated pools.

Softening feet

3To make a good soak for your feet, use four cups of warm whole milk and mix with two tablespoons of Epsom salts. Two drops of essential oil are then added to it and add the mixture to a bowl of warm water. One should then soak their feet in the mixture for at least twenty minutes. This will help in softening the hard skin on the feet, the acid from the milk and the salts will help in relieving the puffiness of the feet and legs.

Other ingredients that can be used include strawberries for white teeth and getting rid of sunburns. This shows that one can still look beautiful without breaking a bank by using what is in the kitchen.

Causes Skin Allergy Reaction- An Expert Perspective

7eyukjfigerrThe causes of skin conditions such as itching, bumps, and redness, which are common to many people, may not be identified easily. Many substances including poisonous plant may cause rashes to your skin. What exactly cause skin allergy? Most skin allergies are as a result of allergic reactions that takes place on your skin or simply an illness. The following are some causes of skin allergy reactions.

Exposure to cleaning products and perfumes

4uiwekjsdlogvDetergents, soaps, and lotions, in particular with fragrances that are heavy cause eczema. Allergic skin reactions are triggered by chemicals found in cleaning products and cosmetics. How does this happen? These reactions are called allergic contact dermatitis. They take place when chemical substances that are normally harmless, found in those products, overreacts with your immune system. These products are the one you are exposed to for a long time. Some of the product that is used for personal care and can trigger skin allergy include; antibacterial, preservatives, fragrances, and substances used to thicken or lubricate products.

Exposure to rubber latex products

Rubber contact to the skin is associated with skin problems. Most of the common skin problem is irritant contact dermatitis. This skin reaction is produced due to the allergy to some of the chemicals that are used to process rubber products. It’s more florid which produces a weeping, blistering as well as redness. Sweating under occlusion is associated to maceration of your skin. Redness, itching, and scaling of your skin can be caused by wearing of rubber gloves.

Blood transfusion

Blood transfusion normally helps to restore health and strength of a patient who have suffered from severe loss of blood. It’s important that the blood donated accurately match your blood type. If the blood doesn’t match, you can suffer from transfusion reaction. What triggers blood transfusion reactions? If the two samples are not compatible, the antibodies of the recipient’s blood are attacked. This results in the hemolytic reaction if it attacks the red blood cells and febrile reaction if it attacks white blood cells. How does this result to skin allergies? An allergic reaction can also be caused by blood transfusion. Itching and hives are the major symptoms.

Pet dander or pet allergies

au7ew]iujkvfwePet urine, saliva, and dander usually trigger allergic reactions to skin. Dander is simply flake of dead skin. People living with skin allergies have a very sensitive immune system and their skin overreact to substances that are harmless. For instance, dog dander attacks their skin.

All of the above are some of the causes of skin allergy reactions. If your skin is more sensitive, watch out some of the cosmetic product and long-time exposure to the cleaning products. Latex rubber also causes skin allergy. Be careful when using this product.