• Exercises to Boost Your Brain Memory
    Exercises to Boost Your Brain Memory
    A good brain memory is essential for optimum functioning. You can improve your memory quite easily. It doesn’t require any medication or any other kind of activity that is bad for your health.
  • Causes Skin Allergy Reaction- An Expert Perspective
    Causes Skin Allergy Reaction- An Expert Perspective
    The causes of skin conditions such as itching, bumps, and redness, which are common to many people, may not be identified easily. Many substances including poisonous plant may cause rashes to your skin.


Looking beautiful with the at-home ‘healthy’ beauty remedies

We all want to look beautiful. However, sometimes the cost of the beauty products sometimes is very expensive. Besides some of these products end up costing our skins with the serious side effects from the chemical components in some of the products. This makes one wonder what they will do if they want to remain beautiful without the serious side effects. To help you with this, there are some ingredients in your home which you can use to achieve that picture-perfect look. The following are at-home healthy’ beauty remedies.

Facial Scrub

2If one needs to get a facial scrub then almonds come in handy. One gets the paste by grinding a handful of the almonds. The ground almonds are then mixed with coconut oil. The paste is then massaged gently on the face then splashed with warm water for a smooth skin.

Hydrating mask

This mask can be made from using olive oil and avocados. Olive oil is applied on the face when one is still mashing up some avocados. The mashed avocadoes are then mixed with few drops of pomegranate juice. The paste is then applied on the face with the olive oil still on it. One then uses white tea bags that are wet and relax for around fifteen minutes. The mask is then removed with a wet face cloth for one to get a moisturized glow.

Body scrub

A body scrub can be made from a mixture of lemon, salt, and sugar. The mixture is prepared by mixing a cup of brown sugar with half a cup of sea salt, then two tablespoons of lemon juice and the same amount of coconut oil. This mixture is applied on damp skin by scrubbing it in circular motions then rinsed with warm water. The lemon is very helpful since it will work as a natural disinfectant while the scrub will open and cleanse the clogged pores.

Hair mask

You will need a tablespoon of olive oil and three eggs. The beaten eggs are mixed with the olive oil. The mask is then applied from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair then wrapped in a towel for at least thirty minutes. The mask is then washed off with the regular shampoo giving one an instant shine. This works great for dry hair especially if one loves swimming in the chlorinated pools.

Softening feet

3To make a good soak for your feet, use four cups of warm whole milk and mix with two tablespoons of Epsom salts. Two drops of essential oil are then added to it and add the mixture to a bowl of warm water. One should then soak their feet in the mixture for at least twenty minutes. This will help in softening the hard skin on the feet, the acid from the milk and the salts will help in relieving the puffiness of the feet and legs.

Other ingredients that can be used include strawberries for white teeth and getting rid of sunburns. This shows that one can still look beautiful without breaking a bank by using what is in the kitchen.


Bleach your anus using the best cream


In this new era, anal bleaching is increasingly becoming popular, thereby, gaining fame at a fast rate for the past few decades. Years back, this practice was taken to be a practice of porn stars and strippers. Things have changed. Today, everyone can go for it. Having an even spotless skin tone is the intent of most people especially the ladies.

Now that the practice has made the headlines, we need to find out which are the best bleaching creams we have in the market today. Arguably, not all creams are best for your skin. Some of them have side effects. It is then vital that we have an insight to the best bleaching cream.

Choosing the best bleaching cream

Your choice of a particular bleaching cream will highly depend on some things. There are some crucial factors that you ought to consider before you subscribe to a certain cream.


1. Ingredients used to make the cream

The very first thing you should consider when buying a bleaching cream is the ingredients that have been used. Admittedly, these bleaching lotions are made of natural ingredients with close medical research and finally backed by the consumers. Making safety concern as a priority is handy for users. These creams should be tested extensively by the manufacturers so as to ensure that they are not harmful to users.

If you want to make sure that you purchase an all-natural anal bleaching cream, get it here.

2. Effectiveness of the cream

Reviewing the procedure of using the cream is a vital part on the side of the user. This is, of course, for the most obvious reason; to ensure that the cream is used as it should be. Anal bleaching cream will be effective if you actually use it for purposes only intended for it to perform. Ensuring the product functions as it is expected is the core reason for a product review.

Arguably, as a user, especially new ones who have never used the product before, they should having a close attention to the customer’s reviews to ensure that they go for the correct cream.

3. Packaging methods


The packaging of lightening products can have a great influence on customers. It doesn’t matter whether the product will offer the desired outcome but the bottom line is that packaging is of great influence. In short, we are saying that paying great concern on the packaging methods is a very crucial factor to consider. Creams packed with air are not such effective. Air reduces the effective functionality of the cream.

4. Return policy

Having a guarantee to users in case the cream doesn’t function as expected increases customer’s trust to the product. Customers are suspicious to retailers who don’t offer a guarantee to their lightening products.

Causes Skin Allergy Reaction- An Expert Perspective

7eyukjfigerrThe causes of skin conditions such as itching, bumps, and redness, which are common to many people, may not be identified easily. Many substances including poisonous plant may cause rashes to your skin. What exactly cause skin allergy? Most skin allergies are as a result of allergic reactions that takes place on your skin or simply an illness. The following are some causes of skin allergy reactions.

Exposure to cleaning products and perfumes

4uiwekjsdlogvDetergents, soaps, and lotions, in particular with fragrances that are heavy cause eczema. Allergic skin reactions are triggered by chemicals found in cleaning products and cosmetics. How does this happen? These reactions are called allergic contact dermatitis. They take place when chemical substances that are normally harmless, found in those products, overreacts with your immune system. These products are the one you are exposed to for a long time. Some of the product that is used for personal care and can trigger skin allergy include; antibacterial, preservatives, fragrances, and substances used to thicken or lubricate products.

Exposure to rubber latex products

Rubber contact to the skin is associated with skin problems. Most of the common skin problem is irritant contact dermatitis. This skin reaction is produced due to the allergy to some of the chemicals that are used to process rubber products. It’s more florid which produces a weeping, blistering as well as redness. Sweating under occlusion is associated to maceration of your skin. Redness, itching, and scaling of your skin can be caused by wearing of rubber gloves.

Blood transfusion

Blood transfusion normally helps to restore health and strength of a patient who have suffered from severe loss of blood. It’s important that the blood donated accurately match your blood type. If the blood doesn’t match, you can suffer from transfusion reaction. What triggers blood transfusion reactions? If the two samples are not compatible, the antibodies of the recipient’s blood are attacked. This results in the hemolytic reaction if it attacks the red blood cells and febrile reaction if it attacks white blood cells. How does this result to skin allergies? An allergic reaction can also be caused by blood transfusion. Itching and hives are the major symptoms.

Pet dander or pet allergies

au7ew]iujkvfwePet urine, saliva, and dander usually trigger allergic reactions to skin. Dander is simply flake of dead skin. People living with skin allergies have a very sensitive immune system and their skin overreact to substances that are harmless. For instance, dog dander attacks their skin.

All of the above are some of the causes of skin allergy reactions. If your skin is more sensitive, watch out some of the cosmetic product and long-time exposure to the cleaning products. Latex rubber also causes skin allergy. Be careful when using this product.

These Are The Benefits Of Colon Cleansing

Having a colon cleanse is without a doubt one of the surest ways to maintain body health. It’s essential to everyone especially those who partake of junk food and are experiencing symptoms such as acne, constipation, sluggishness, aging, candida to mention a few. The symptoms are attributed to the buildup of toxins residing in our colons. Besides, our environment can also contribute to the pollution of our colons. In this post, we’ll look at some of the main benefits of colon cleansing. If you wish to discover more, please read along.

Seven benefits of colon cleansing

1. Improves the immune system

u7ewijkifo4erAfter cleaning your body will be able to absorb all the nutrients unlike before, and your immune system will be in a better position to defend your body against diseases. Fecal matter lining in your colon is responsible for preventing nutrient absorption.

2. Prevent colon cancer

Most people avoid going for cleansing on a regular basis because they are unaware that it helps prevent colon cancer. Yes, you heard me right! Colon cancer claims thousands of lives daily and is something we should all make an extraordinary effort to avoid. In fact, it’s the third leading cause of death among cancer-related deaths.

3. Get rid of pain

Another of the many benefits of colon cleansing is that it helps get rid of the pain that is caused by the symptoms as mentioned above. You will feel better and healthier after freeing your colon of the extra fecal matter

4. Detoxifies our bodies

Cleansing will help you rid your body of toxins by constant use of antibiotics, unhealthy diet, chemicals and environmental pollution. Once you are free of the poisons, you won’t experience their effects.

5. Increases energy levels

When your colon is cleaned, you’ll be able to enjoy life again. Your energy levels will be improved now that your colon is functioning right. The fecal matter lining it increases your weight and makes you feel sluggish. When free of it, you will energetic and cheerful.

6. Promotes weight loss

If you are having weight loss problems, it helps you get back into perfect shape. In fact, it plays a key role in most weight loss programs. Colon cleansing is the best way to lose weight without interfering with your lifestyle.

7. No gas or bloating

Gas or bloating are often signs that fecal matter infested with bacteria is lining your digestive tract and releasing toxins into your body. After cleansing the gas or bloating will no longer be produced.